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Zen Glass Ornament: Seek


The “Seek” Glass Hanging Ornament is a beautiful emblem of life’s journey, urging you to embrace the paths that unfold before you. With its vibrant yellow and blue ocean wave design, this piece is not just an ornament but a beacon of motivation for daily reflection. Perfect for any space, it adds a touch of inspiration wherever it hangs. Embodying the flow of life with its serene imagery, it’s an excellent gift for anyone on a path to self-discovery.

  • Inspiring Glass Ornament featuring the motivational message: “You don’t seek the way, the way seeks you.”
  • Ocean Wave Design symbolizing life’s continuous journey and personal growth.
  • Vivid Imagery with durable glass construction for a lasting inspirational piece.
  • Ready to Hang with an included sturdy loop for easy display anywhere you need encouragement.
  • Ideal Gift for friends, family, or colleagues as a symbol of guidance and inner strength.


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