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Zen Box Set


Invite peace and contemplation into your daily life with the Zen Box Set, a harmonious collection that encourages a meditative and thoughtful environment. This set features a Zen ocean paperweight that captures the stillness of the sea, a ‘Seek’ stone with inscribed motivation to encourage inner peace, and a wisdom cube with thought-provoking Osho quotes for daily reflection. Each piece is designed to contribute to a tranquil atmosphere, creating a space for peace and personal growth. Whether displayed together for a unified theme or placed individually for moments of quiet reflection throughout your day, the Zen Box Set is a beacon of calm in the rush of life. It’s an exquisite gift for anyone on a path to mindfulness or seeking to enrich their space with the essence of Zen tranquility.

  • Tranquil Decor Set: Introduce serenity to your space with our Zen Box Set, perfect for adding a calming atmosphere to your home or workspace.
  • Thoughtfully Curated Collection: Includes a Zen-inspired ocean paperweight to bring the essence of the sea indoors, a ‘Seek’ stone with gentle inscription for contemplation, and an Osho-inspired wisdom cube to ignite daily inspiration.
  • Ideal Mindful Gift: Elegantly packaged with an uplifting message inside the lid, this set is a meaningful present for those who cherish relaxation or self-discovery.
  • Versatile Display Options: Craft each piece for flexibility in presentation, allowing for a personalized sanctuary or dispersed touches of mindfulness around your environment.
  • Quality Craftsmanship: Crafted with attention to detail, the set features a captivating paperweight, a grounding stone, and an insight-offering cube, each contributing to a balanced and reflective space.


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