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Wooden Grove: “Balance”

(3 customer reviews)


The Wooden Grove: “Balance” is not only a visually pleasing piece of art but also a meaningful symbol of life’s constant dance between perseverance and release. Crafted with care, this wood slice brings a piece of nature’s serenity indoors, providing a source of reflection and motivation.

Whether it’s for someone starting a new chapter, facing challenges, or simply in love with inspirational decor, this wood slice strikes the perfect chord of beauty and wisdom.

  • Embrace Equilibrium: “Life is a balance between holding on & letting go.” This poignant statement on our wood slice art serves as a daily reminder to maintain harmony in life.
  • Natural Aesthetic: The rustic wood slice with a thought-provoking quote adds a natural, grounding element to your home or workspace.
  • Perfectly Sized: Measuring to fit in various spaces, this piece is ideal for a desktop, bookshelf, or as a central piece in a meditation room.
  • Thoughtful Gift: An ideal present for those who appreciate life’s delicate balance or are embarking on new journeys requiring equilibrium.
  • Stand Included: Each Wooden Grove art piece includes a stylish metal stand for immediate display and enjoyment.

3 reviews for Wooden Grove: “Balance”

  1. Swathi

    I recently got the wooden grove motivational quote and the product was amazing and the packaging top notch. I literally wake up to it every morning! Thank you team!

  2. Akanksha Sharma (verified owner)

    It’s so beautiful and looks perfect on my study table. Thankyou motivational gifts for providing us such amazing products 😍

  3. Janani Anand (verified owner)

    Amazing quality of products, very good gifting option 👍

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