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Inspirational Cube : Rumi


Let the wisdom of Rumi transform your environment with this beautifully crafted Wisdom Cube. Each side features a different quote from the beloved Sufi mystic, designed to uplift and provoke deep thought. The wood’s natural grain complements the insightful messages, creating a piece that’s as aesthetically pleasing as it is spiritually enriching. This cube is a daily reminder of the beauty of life and the depth of our inner universe.

  • Embrace Rumi’s Wisdom: This cube is adorned with the timeless words of Rumi, inviting you to ponder life’s profound mysteries.
  • Solid Wood Craftsmanship: Skillfully crafted from durable wood, ensuring a long-lasting, quality decorative piece.
  • Inspirational Accent: Perfect for creating an environment of reflection, whether it’s on your desk, shelf, or meditation space.
  • Versatile Insights: Rotate this cube to reveal different Rumi quotes that inspire serenity and contemplative thought.
  • Gift of Spirituality: Makes an excellent gift for lovers of Rumi’s poetry, spiritual seekers, or those who appreciate introspective home decor.


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