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Affirmation Marble: Universe & Abundance (Set of 2)

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The Affirmation Marble: Universe & Abundance set is designed to bring a serene and uplifting energy into your living space. Featuring two distinct marbles with messages from the Universe, this set serves as a beautiful affirmation of one’s own power and the plentiful nature of life. Let these marbles be a constant source of positive reinforcement and a reminder that what you seek is seeking you, and abundance is within reach.

  • Embrace the affirmations of the cosmos with this two-piece Affirmation Marble set, featuring the powerful messages “It’s already yours. -Universe” and “I am living a life of abundance.”
  • Crafted to inspire and affirm, these marbles are a daily reminder of the Universe’s generosity and the abundance that surrounds us.
  • Perfect for adding a touch of inspiration to any room, these marbles can be placed on desks, shelves, or nightstands to keep positivity in view.
  • The subtle gradient hues and gentle glow of these marbles offer a serene and uplifting presence, blending well with various home or office decors.
  • A thoughtful gift for friends, family, or colleagues to share the message of universal love and the law of attraction.

1 review for Affirmation Marble: Universe & Abundance (Set of 2)

  1. Mandira Biswas (verified owner)

    Motivational Gifts has become my favorite brand for spreading positivity. Their products not only motivate but also uplift the spirit.

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