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Affirmation Box Set


Step into a world of positivity with the Affirmation Box Set. Each piece in this carefully curated collection is designed to support your journey towards self-realization and peace. The 7 Chakras Affirmation Glass Block acts as a visual aid for meditation and focus, the Affirmation Marble is a tactile reminder of your inherent worth, and the ‘Architect of my Dreams’ keyring is a portable prompt to pursue your aspirations. Whether it’s for personal use or as a gift for a friend, this Affirmation Box Set is a gateway to a more balanced, confident, and fulfilled life.

  • Holistic Harmony: Immerse in self-love and inner balance with the Affirmation Box Set, featuring items that encourage spiritual alignment and self-acceptance.
  • Comprehensive Collection: This unique set includes a 7 Chakras Affirmation Glass Block for serenity and balance, an ‘I Am Whole & Complete’ Affirmation Marble for self-affirmation, and an inspirational ‘Architect of my Dreams’ keyring for daily motivation.
  • Thoughtful Gift of Well-being: Presented in an elegant black box with a powerful preamble, this box set is a soulful present for anyone on a journey to self-discovery and well-being.
  • Daily Dose of Positivity: These carefully selected pieces serve as daily reminders to embrace one’s individuality, nurture inner peace, and manifest one’s desires.
  • Quality Craftsmanship: Artfully created with attention to detail, each piece within this box set carries an uplifting message to inspire and empower the user every day.


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